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President Trump struck a deal last week with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Or did he? Sometimes he sounds like he did and sometimes he doesn't. We look at what might or might not be next for the Dreamers protected by DACA.
Harvey and Irma: two major disasters, one right after the other. We look at where the suffering is worst while federal relief money will be running out almost as soon as it's been spent.
The split between grass roots Democrats and Party regulars, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders back in the spotlight this week.

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Politics in France are completely upended

François Fillon boasted a healthy lead in this year’s French presidential elections but then an article published in late January revealed that his wife had earned more than €900,000 ($963,225) over the course of 12 years — while Fillon was a senator and prime minister — for an assistant job that she appeared never to have actually done.